Account Verification

For every new player who wants to play at any online casino an identity verification is required. It is a similar process like the one you do when opening a bank account. This process is necessary for two reasons:
To protect you and to protect also the casino from any legal issues. Every online casino has to verify your age, because everybody knows that there is an age limitation for all the casinos, online or not. Also every casino has to verify that the payment options that you are using are in your name. You must think that with this procedure you protect also yourself because no one can use your credit card or your bank account to play at any online casino.
The verification process is quite simple. To verify your identity and your address you have to send a copy of you ID card or of your passport and also you have to send a bill with your name and your address written on it.
If you decide to use a credit card for playing online then probably the casino will ask you a copy of your credit card. This verification most of the times causes some issues to the players who are afraid to share these information online. All of our casinos have taken all the appropriate security measures but you can also take your precautions.
Our advice is that after you take the picture or after the scanning of your credit card you must save it on your PC. Then you can open this picture with a photo editing software and you can paint some points of your photo as black. We suggest that the points that you have to  edit are at least the middle six numbers on both the front and back of the card. We also suggest you to cover the CVV three digit number on the back of the card. Even with these numbers covered it is easy for the casino to verify that you are the card holder.
Even if this process sounds a little bit dangerous it is required from all online casinos so it is better to prepare all of these documents before you decide to open your account.
Do not be afraid. Millions of people are playing with safety and they are winning a lot of money! You can ask your friends if they had any issues with this procedure and we are sure that everybody will tell you that this is safe and you will not have any problems.