Beginner’s Guidelines

This section in our site it will be dedicated to provide useful information for all the new players. In this first article we will explain you how you can register and start playing in any of our extraordinary casinos. If you have never played before in an online casino, below you can find step by step the procedure that you have to follow:

  1. First, select a casino that you would like to play. You can find a lot of useful information in our site for the best online casinos. Read carefully and select the most appropriate casino for you.
  2. Download and install the software for the casino of your choice. When you will decide at which casino you would like to play, then click on the link and from the webpage of the casino you can download the software for free. Click on the Download button and when the download is completed you will see the icon of the casino in the folder that you saved it. Than double-click on the icon and then follow the instructions to complete the installation.
  3. Register an account. To start playing at a casino you have to register an account. The account can be a Free account or a Real Money account. A Free account means that you will not play with real money but with virtual money just for fun. This type of account is suggested for new players for two reasons. First it will help you to feel comfortable with the games without any money loses and the second reason is that you can check different casinos and select the most exciting one. Real Money account means that you will play with real money. You should fill in the details that the casino is asking and you will be able immediately to play. It is very important to fill your real details because all the money that you will win they will be withdrawn using these details. This is very important!
  4. Make your first deposit and get your bonus. If you are ready to play with real money then the next step is to go in the banking section of your selected casino and make a deposit. Select the deposit option and also the amount that you want to deposit. It is very important also to get your welcome bonus. Please read carefully all the instructions , the terms and conditions of how you can get your welcome bonus. All the casinos have a bonus section where you can get all the necessary information.
  5. Ready to Start. Now you are ready to start. From this point we wish you good luck, a lot of fun and a lot of big big jackpots winnings!
  6. Get your winnings. To get your winnings the only think that you have to do is to verify your identity for the casino. You can find instruction inside the casino of how you can withdraw your earnings. Check it and if you have any queries please let us know.

Now you are ready to check in our site all our Casinos and follow the above steps to feel the heat!
Good Luck and Have fun!