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Trial of Pokies with headphones canceled in ACT

Headphones is the solution?
Headphones is the solution?

The latest step in pokies machines are the machines with headphones. These types of machines will not be introduced in Cambera after the passing of legislation in the ACT Legislative Assembly. This is not the only state in which this kind of legislation has passed.
Shane Rattenbury, Greens MLA, says that this is a small but important step in the fighting of gambling. “Commonsense says that plugging people into poker machines to further isolate them from reality and keep them gambling is not acceptable and not consistent with the community’s expectations of what is and isn’t OK,” he said. More to come in this topic so stay tuned and we will update you soon.

Current year can be the best for pokies players

Mobile pokies are the future
Mobile pokies are the future

This is a new year for all of us! A chance for all of us to make a brand new start. This new start can happen also in the online gaming and gambling industry. Without any doubt 2013 will be the best year for the online pokies machines. The 2 major reasons are simple: The first reason is the new technological enhancement that will make the online pokies more exciting than ever. The second reason and most important is that in 2013 the pokies machines will offer the highest pay-out ever and the biggest jackpots ever. The other new thing that we will see in 2013(we are already see this change) is that until now we had the online pokies only on our Desktops or on our Laptops. From now on we can all play pokies from our mobile phones and also from our tablets. It is expected that till the end of 2013 the pokies that will be available on tablets and mobiles will be more than doubled.
As we wrote above in 2013 we will have biggest jackpots and the highest pay-outs of the last years. We wish to all of you great time, fun and maybe 2013 will be for some of you the year that you will win the life changing jackpot! Good luck to all of you!

Rattenbury seeks to ban new ‘immersive’ pokies

Poker Machine
Poker Machine

A new restriction is going to be  implemented by the ACT. It will be asked from the ACT to ban the poker machines with headphones which are designed to keep the players in the game for longer time than the normal pokies machines. This will be discussed in the Legislative Assembly soon. Shane Rattenbury (Greens MLA) is going to ask the ban of the pokies machines with audio equipment except from these machines which have this equipment for the people with a hearing impairment.
The poker machines which were in operation in NSW and as they were advertised they have the ability to “deeply immerse and engage players in game play” and currently with the HD LCD displays would increase the profitability of the business.
These kind of machines have already been banned in Victoria and as Mr. Rattenbury said: “ACT needs to do the same, there is no shortage of research and independent experts advocating for better harm minimization measures for poker machines, and the reality is that we can do much more to help those suffering from an addiction to poker machines in our community.”
Lets wait to see what the future will bring for this kind of machines…

Pokies policy to change in Victoria

Pokies are played in the pubs
Pokies are played in the pubs

The last decade there was a restriction for pubs and clubs to advertise and display signs about Pokies. The state Government in Victoria have already decide that from now on, this restriction is no longer valid. This ban on pokies signage was decided by the Bracks government back in 2003. This was one of the measures for fighting gambling problems. In 2005 the government allowed the use of Tabaret signs and the ”corporate logo” Tatts Pokies.
With the new law it is allowed in the pubs and clubs to put signs on the facade with dimension of 2 square meters. The current restriction is that the signs should be on a single color background with white letters and there should not be any illumination or decoration. Martin Pakule who opposed gaming and gambling said: ”the effect of [Gaming Minister] Michael O’Brien’s ‘reforms’ is that the only man-made structures visible from space will be the Great Wall of China and pokies signs”. Also Tim Costello said that this was one step behind in the war against gambling: ”They don’t allow smoking signs at all, which is funded from addiction. Pokies fall into exactly the same category and it’s a public health disaster to allow pokies to be advertised,” he said. The answer came from Richard Evans who said that the clubs and pubs are already known to have pokies inside so this will not solve any gambling problem. ”Problem gamblers will go to any place they can actually get a bet,” he said. And this is true. If someone has gambling issues then they will find the way to play. Our advice is to be carefull with the money that you are playing. Try to enjoy the game and play only the amount of money that you can afford. This will make things better for all of us!

Huge Jackpot won by player!

Huge Jackpot
Huge Jackpot

It is generally known that online games can give huge amounts of money  to gamblers. Players usually make good money from their online accounts but there are also some times that some people really hit the big jack pot! People can some times win millions especially when they don’t expect it. Last week a  gambler from Finland broke all the records of jackpot winnings , as he won €17.8 millions! It was really the biggest amount that had ever been won by a player in the online gaming history. We usually inform you about all the huge wins that took place the last couple of months , and now is the time for you to hear about this new unbelievable record. Anders Sims, Paf casino’s head of press and public relations said ‘’This is really an all – time record! We are very prowd that this huge jack pot was given to one of our players. This is the second time we have a customer win a huge cash out record and that means something for our company’’ The general truth is that the astonishing rise of the online casino progressive games leads to this huge amounts of cash being given to players as jack pots. We’re sure that this huge record will very soon become history considering the amounts that everyday are gambled. In our opinion, the rise of gambling market not only benefits the casino operators but also the players themselves considering that these huge amounts return to them and can change their lives forever. The finland gambler agrees with us for sure. For your information the last record was another legendary win of €11.5 millions.

Less money spent on pokies this year

Pokies in Australia
Pokies in Australia

The year 2012 it was not as good as 2011 for pokies. National pokies spend, dropped to $10.2 billion from $11.2 billion in 2011. This is a general phenomenon for all forms of gambling. The only sector of gambling that it has a rise it was the online sports betting and probably this was due to huge amount of advertisement. Consider that sports bookies spend more money on ads than Coles and Woolies. Andrew Wilkie, a famous and well known anti-pokies crusader has waged an ongoing battle to make gamblers pre-commit to how much they  wager on pokies, a lot of Australians have already quit playing them. Last year Australians spent a billion dollars less on poker machines than in 2011. In addition, and according to Roy Morgan research, Australians spend on pokies dropped from $11.2 billion to $10.2 billion which means approximately $3 million per day. This drop for pokies is in line with an overall drop in the amount of money which Australians spend on every type of gambling which fell from $18.5 billion to $16.9 billion over the same 12 month period. As Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said: “What we’re seeing overall is drinking going down, fewer people smoking and fewer people gambling as well, we still have the global financial crisis cyrcling us, but overall we are a lot better off financially than we were a decade ago, and I think when you see more financial affluence, people are less likely to be drinking, smoking and gambling.”
But there is one more note here: While old traditional gabling methods are in decline, Australians are spending an extra $100 million a year with online bookies. In 2010, Australians spend $928 million online. That figure has now raised to $1.1 billion.
The online increase is not as big as the drop in pokies turnover. But it shows that Advertisement from Tom Waterhouse is working. Media industry analysts say that Waterhouse and his bookie pals from the likes of Centrebet and TAB Sportsbet have spent a huge amount of dollars over the last year to grab their slice of the gambling pie.
Glenda Wynyard of Chaos Media says that if we include sponsorships the total amount for ads should be around $350 millions which  is more than the money that Coles and Woolworths spend for ads per year (around $230 million).

Online Casinos are surging!

online-gamblingIt is obvious that during the last years the internet gaming and gambling market has shown a very big growth. In a global base, internet gaming and gambling has become the #1 activity on the net and this fact can’t be skipped by the big Casinos. The same thing happens to Australia where online gambling market grows bigger and bigger and at the same time, classic land based casinos watch their income decrease. We can make many conclusions by the fact that gamblers globally have started to spend enormous amount of money on online gambling. In 2010 the amount was about $950 million and in 2011 about $ 1.1 billion. And we should consider that these amounts are only from the Australian online gambling market and further more only from the government – recognized websites. But while the online based Casinos see their business going well, the land based casinos are on a decline. It seems like the average players prefer – and find it much easier- to gamble from their living room while they’re watching TV instead of going to a luxury casino and lose more money and time while getting there. From 2010 to 2011 we have a decline in revenue of about $1 billion in the land based Casinos market in Australia. That is a very interesting battle and we are curious to see what the outcome will be! Will the land based casinos survive? Well, only time will give us the answer but in the meantime players can enjoy the great offers the both sides offer to attract more and more players!

Hotel employee steals millions to play pokies

Hope Jobson
Hope Jobson

We have been always saying that gambling can lead us to dangerous paths. Wendy Hope Jobson looked like an ordinary woman, a mother of two children that worked hard to live a good life with her family. But the reality wasn’t so simple. Jobson worked in the Koroneos Group, which owns the Norlane, Waurn Ponds and Wool Exchange hotels. In a period of about 5 years this woman took about $7.8 millions from the company bills and gambled them on an online pokie game that is called Doctor Love. Jobson admitted her guilt in the court and she was found guilty for 1410 charges , a number that is considered to be a record. Mitchell Koroneos admitted also that his bar manager told him that something was wrong about his bank deposits because there were some strange transactions and more specifically, there were some transfers of $1000 from the company’s account to Jobson’s account. Finally it was clear after police investigations that Jobson had stolen about $7.8 millions from the company’s bills from 2006 till last year. Koroneos told that Jobson admitted her crime to him and begged him to let her leave to another country in order not to face jail. He also told that he considered Jobson to be a good employee that worked hard for her family and her company and a person that he had treated very well in the past and that finally betrayed his trust. Also Jobson admitted that after a certain time period she gambled to earn money and return them back to the company’s account, but things got worse than she thought. Finally Jobson is clearly facing the jail for her crimes and we will soon hear the court’s decision.

Gambling is an issue in Australia

gamblingGambling is an obsession and recent studies are proving it. For example Victorians are losing about $15 millions every day. Only in Crown Casino players have lost around $1,5 billion last year ! Studies have shown that these amounts were never bigger and this is pretty terrifying. The Herald Sun newspaper found that over 250 gamblers ask every week for help from the gamblers help line. Also other interesting facts are that illegal site gambling is on the rise , that gambling market has even touched the teens throught the smartphone enabled casinos and also that some of Melbourne’s lower income suburbs are the biggest losers playing pokies. Another interesting figure is that the biggest gambling amounts come from Melbourne’s poorest areas. Of course it is interesting that the illegal internet gambling market is growing and measures are about to come soon. Last year illegal internet gambling was a billion dollar industry and maybe the only solution for the government is to legalize internet casinos and poker rooms. Chair of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce, Tim Costello is worried about the way online gambling can reach children : “Smartphones are what kids use, now gambling is creeping into homes and it’s crossing the lines of age of consent, which most families are very worried about.” The truth is that Gambing is a problem in Australia and definitely the goverment should try to adress it as soon as possible. More to come on this subject in the following days.

Smoking Allowed in Sydney’s Star Casino

star casinoA big decision has been taken for the Australian casinos and probably for the Australian economy. Players in High roller rooms can continue smoking in Sydney’s Star Casino and all the other similar companies in the country.
Australia tries to establish new tough smoking laws. The first law is about ads and displays. From now on it will not be allowed to display any smoking packets in advertisements and displays. In addition smoking will be forbidden in playgrounds, public sport grounds, swimming pools, transport stops, entrances to public buildings and outdoor dining areas.
The Greens, a political party in Australia, have propose that the current ban on smoking for bars and restaurants should also be applied to the casinos’ high roller rooms. The Greens along with some other smaller parties claimed that the employees who are working there are exposed to smoke which is against their rights. An answer came from Star casino which stated that people which are working in these rooms are volunteers and on top of that there is a big waiting list for employees to work on these rooms. The final decision of the Government was that High rollers can continue to smoke in Sydney’s Star Casino.
High Rollers rooms are famous world wide and a lot of big players all around the world are visiting Australia to play in these rooms. All this money has highly contributed to the Australian economy. Also if the smoking ban regulation would be applied to Sydney’s Star Casino it would be a great disadvantage for the casino against its competitors and as a consequence it will be a great disadvantage for the economy of the state.
The only chance for the Greens to pass the law is to try to pass it for the entire country’s casinos.