Gambling is an issue in Australia

gamblingGambling is an obsession and recent studies are proving it. For example Victorians are losing about $15 millions every day. Only in Crown Casino players have lost around $1,5 billion last year ! Studies have shown that these amounts were never bigger and this is pretty terrifying. The Herald Sun newspaper found that over 250 gamblers ask every week for help from the gamblers help line. Also other interesting facts are that illegal site gambling is on the rise , that gambling market has even touched the teens throught the smartphone enabled casinos and also that some of Melbourne’s lower income suburbs are the biggest losers playing pokies. Another interesting figure is that the biggest gambling amounts come from Melbourne’s poorest areas. Of course it is interesting that the illegal internet gambling market is growing and measures are about to come soon. Last year illegal internet gambling was a billion dollar industry and maybe the only solution for the government is to legalize internet casinos and poker rooms. Chair of the Australian Churches Gambling Taskforce, Tim Costello is worried about the way online gambling can reach children : “Smartphones are what kids use, now gambling is creeping into homes and it’s crossing the lines of age of consent, which most families are very worried about.” The truth is that Gambing is a problem in Australia and definitely the goverment should try to adress it as soon as possible. More to come on this subject in the following days.