Poker Machines Online

Poker Machines exist in almost every pub in Australia and most of you have played pokies in such a machine at least once in your lifes. But why not playing poker machines online? The advantages are so many that you will wonder after why did you used to play in pubs! The main reasons are:

  • Online casinos offer great bonuses that can go up to AU$3000! No pub gives you anything, not enen a free beer! So why not play in an online casino where you can get free money and play your favourite poker machines online almost for free.
  • The payout rates of online casinos are much higher than those of pubs. Top online casinos work on 97% payout rates meaning that you have much higher chances of winning in comparison to an 80% payout rate poker machine in  pub.
  • The variety of pokie games is unbelievable and you are not obliged to play the same pokie again and again..Plus, you can play it from the comfort of your couch!
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Which casino should I choose?

Many of you will wonder in which casino should you play. Well  the answer is not simple but you can use some criteria to hep you choose the best casino for you. We are players as well and we understand that sometimes is difficult to choose the best casino available. As we are based in Australia we searched the web to find the best casinos for Australians using the following criteria:
  • Pick a casino which accepts and pays in Australian Dollars
  • Play in a casino which offers great bonuses
  • Choose a casino with high payout rate
  • Play in well known casinos that have a good reputation
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We suggest some casino which comply with the above criteria and they are well known in the Australian Market. All of them also offer a free play so you can try them and if you are satisfied, you can continue playing there. We can also reassure you that we have been playing in the casinos that we suggest in this page for a long time now and we didn’t have any  issue with them. The payments were on time and the support was always helpful. But the most important is that they are absolutely safe to play. We suggest you to play poker machines developed either from Microgaming or Playtech.  The reason is that they are of top quality and feature greater jackpots. All the poker machines that you will find in this site are developed by these two providers. If you want to know more about pokies you can look at this article which refers to  poker machines with more detail or just navigate through our site.