Rattenbury seeks to ban new ‘immersive’ pokies

Poker Machine
Poker Machine

A new restriction is going to be  implemented by the ACT. It will be asked from the ACT to ban the poker machines with headphones which are designed to keep the players in the game for longer time than the normal pokies machines. This will be discussed in the Legislative Assembly soon. Shane Rattenbury (Greens MLA) is going to ask the ban of the pokies machines with audio equipment except from these machines which have this equipment for the people with a hearing impairment.
The poker machines which were in operation in NSW and as they were advertised they have the ability to “deeply immerse and engage players in game play” and currently with the HD LCD displays would increase the profitability of the business.
These kind of machines have already been banned in Victoria and as Mr. Rattenbury said: “ACT needs to do the same, there is no shortage of research and independent experts advocating for better harm minimization measures for poker machines, and the reality is that we can do much more to help those suffering from an addiction to poker machines in our community.”
Lets wait to see what the future will bring for this kind of machines…