Smoking Allowed in Sydney’s Star Casino

star casinoA big decision has been taken for the Australian casinos and probably for the Australian economy. Players in High roller rooms can continue smoking in Sydney’s Star Casino and all the other similar companies in the country.
Australia tries to establish new tough smoking laws. The first law is about ads and displays. From now on it will not be allowed to display any smoking packets in advertisements and displays. In addition smoking will be forbidden in playgrounds, public sport grounds, swimming pools, transport stops, entrances to public buildings and outdoor dining areas.
The Greens, a political party in Australia, have propose that the current ban on smoking for bars and restaurants should also be applied to the casinos’ high roller rooms. The Greens along with some other smaller parties claimed that the employees who are working there are exposed to smoke which is against their rights. An answer came from Star casino which stated that people which are working in these rooms are volunteers and on top of that there is a big waiting list for employees to work on these rooms. The final decision of the Government was that High rollers can continue to smoke in Sydney’s Star Casino.
High Rollers rooms are famous world wide and a lot of big players all around the world are visiting Australia to play in these rooms. All this money has highly contributed to the Australian economy. Also if the smoking ban regulation would be applied to Sydney’s Star Casino it would be a great disadvantage for the casino against its competitors and as a consequence it will be a great disadvantage for the economy of the state.
The only chance for the Greens to pass the law is to try to pass it for the entire country’s casinos.