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Online Gambling It is obvious that during the last years the internet gaming and gambling market has shown a very big growth. In a global base, internet gaming and gambling has become the #1 activity on the net and this fact can’t be skipped by the big Casinos. The same thing happens to Australia where online gambling market grows bigger and bigger and at the same time, classic land based casinos watch their income decrease. We can make many conclusions by the fact that gamblers globally have started to spend enormous amount of money on online gambling. In 2010 the amount was about $950 million and in 2011 about $ 1.1 billion.

And we should consider that these amounts are only from the Australian online gambling market and further more only from the government – recognized websites. But while the online based Casinos see their business going well, the land based casinos are on a decline.

It seems like the average players prefer – and find it much easier- to gamble from their living room while they’re watching TV instead of going to a luxury casino and lose more money and time while getting there. From 2010 to 2011 we have a decline in revenue of about $1 billion in the land based Casinos market in Australia. That is a very interesting battle and we are curious to see what the outcome will be! Will the land based casinos survive? Well, only time will give us the answer but in the meantime players can enjoy the great offers the both sides offer to attract more and more players!

Online Casinos

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