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Poker machines can be found anywhere in Australia from simple pubs to the most luxury casinos. Poker machines can be found also in every home if someone plays them online. So why to bother finding a poker machine close to your place when you can have access to hundreds of online poker machines while seating in your sofa. Besides that, online poker machines have much more advantages than the poker machines found in pubs. Some of them can found below

Higher payout rates that can reach up to 95%. That means you have higher possibilities of winning money that you wouldn’t make in the pub! Big welcome bonuses! Some of them can offer up to AU$3000. Just think what you would get in a pub(not even a free beer!).

Huge variety of games. Some casinos feature more than 400 online poker machines! Playing in your house gives you the freedom to wear your pyjamas, smoke, drink cheap alcohol and listen to the music that you like.

We think we don’t need to give you more reasons to convince you that playing online is the only way. The question now is where Well, we are also players and we know that is hard to choose from all the casinos that exist on internet. For this reason, we propose you some casinos in this site that are tested and offer great service. Moreover, all the casinos in this site accept AU$ as a currency so Aussies shouldn’t worry about conversions etc. You shouldn’t worry for anything else except for how you are going to make money! Make your deposit and start playing immediately.Just try one of them and you will see what we are talking about. And always remember that the good player is good because he knows where to play.

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